Saturday, 8 October 2011


News not long in from Menzies House - with only a week to go before the uselessness which is the Carbon Tax vote, the government threw open the gates to public submissions "without terms of reference", which meant that anyone who had any opinion was welcome to contribute.

OR WERE THEY? It seems something's gone seriously wrong with that process, and numerous people not happy with the government's proposal (about 4500 according to the link) had their submissions quietly junked.

The ragers against the machine continue to occupy Wall Street, and show that they are ill-organised and ill-disciplined. Some of them may not even be genuine. Mark Steyn talks here about the hypocrisy of people who scream about "corporate greed" while receiving tributes to Steve Jobs on their iPhones.  I recall reading these anti-corporate persons are using the toilets in McDonald's, which is probably a good thing, or the sanitation problem detailed above would be even worse than it is now.

 Elsewhere, the Australian Greens continue to show that it isn't just the environment which motivates them. Envirofascists indeed. This sort of conversation should not even be thinkable in any nation which fought in the Second World War, less so one on the winning side. Nor is he the only one to want to call in the authorities whenever a journalist disagrees with him, regarding which behaviour the editorial team at The Australian makes its point succinctly.

Meanwhile, some people seem never to suffer for their gaffes.

And speaking of those who stretch the truth and get it wrong, Jo Nova has a neat little article showing where the whole Climate Change debate is going - and where the money truly is (hint - it's not on the side of the doubters!). And while we're on the topic of money,  UK MEP Daniel Hannan continues to beat his head (futilely, I fear) against the brick wall of Europe's financial woes. The sooner the UK walks away from that shemozzle, the better. In fact, the sooner the entirety of Europe walks away from the whole EU shemozzle, the better.

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