Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Growth and its obstacles.

From Andrew Bolt's blog: a plan to green the North of Australia. By which the Federal Opposition means "turn it into a food bowl" as opposed to the Australian Greens' idea of locking it up and preventing anyone from doing anything with it, including, it must be said, the Aboriginal population - which was regularly and repeatedly fetishised and fawned over whenever the loony left wanted a stick with which to beat the Howard Government.

Unfortunately for them, Howard is now gone and their usefulness to the "environmental" cause is at an end, to the point where Aborigines who voted in favour of a huge ($30bn) natural gas export infrastructure development have been the targets of racial slurs. Of course some people will resort to extraordinary lengths to cripple or delay development and get this thing shut down, to the point of asking inane questions in Parliament and not accepting reasonable answers. If there are bilbies there, pick the bloody things up and move them - we have enough experience with raising the things in semi-captivity to do this.

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