Monday, 10 October 2011

"Occupy Wall Street"

The whole business just gets more and more bizarre (second link is definitely not suitable for children and the audio is possibly not worksafe).

I suspect the movement (such as it is) is eventually going to collapse under the weight of its own unsustainable idiocy. Sure, the protesters can stay out there for as long as they can feed, clothe and (hopefully) wash themselves; but as the second link shows and Matt Labash's excellent (though tongue-in-cheek) article describes, the thing seems to have become a magnet for all sorts of crackpots demanding, advocating or promising that which is variously illegal, immoral or impossible (or at the very least inadvisable).

In addition, this article at Catallaxy Files has (or had - there seems to be a problem with it as I type this) a picture showing just how many of the protesters were sporting items manufactured by the greedy corporations they claim to loathe. (EDIT: it can also be found here, and at somewhat greater resolution to boot.)

Ultimately there is no single coherent message being sent and no coherent solution being proposed, and - it seems to me at least - nobody in this movement who is either willing or able to propose one. If I were one of the people this movement claims to champion, I wouldn't be wasting my time there - or I might give it the barest whiff of support in between filling out job applications, attending interviews where possible, and beating on every conceivable door that might offer me gainful employment. And as a last resort, if I were young and medically fit and no more desirable option presented itself, I would be approaching the armed services.

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