Sunday, 11 May 2014


Have been very busy with Real Life, hence absent from here.

The abduction of over 200 teenage schoolgirls in Nigeria by the fundamentalist Islamist group known as Boko Haram is disgusting enough, but what is almost MORE disgusting - in its moral and intellectual spinelessness if nothing else - is the response to it in the West, which is basically a big vacuous nothing.

No, I take that back. It is WORSE than a big vacuous nothing. A big vacuous nothing would have been the circulation of hashtags of the sort which greeted Russia's recent victimisation of the Ukraine (I have to admit, tricky to counter IRL; are you really going to risk a superpower conflict over this, even in an era where the fingers are NOT automatically poised over the nuclear trip-switch?). But the thing that makes me really sick is the exact nature of the hashtag.

bring back our girls

I'm not putting the hash in and I'm breaking the phrase up because I don't want hashtag crawlbots to find this and add it to the general swag of support for this meaningless gesture.

First of all, spineless Western wankers, they are not YOUR girls. They are their families' girls.

Second, it does no good to "bring them back" if the fucking murderous scumbags who took them in the first place (and who also seem to delight in the massacre of teenage boys as well as sundry others, but hey, who cares about bunch of teenage boys, right?) go on existing to perpetuate their murderous rampages in pursuit of their murderous, pre-medieval ideology.

Perhaps a hashtag comprising or including the phrase "exterminate Boko Haram" would be more appropriate, and the achievement of this goal would be a fine training ground for Western special forces everywhere. It should be noted that Boko Haram are not signatories to the Geneva and Hague Conventions and thus do not benefit from the protections of either one. I do not give a single flying fuck WHAT the Western military would do to these creatures if unleashed, so long as it is final.

Bring Back Our Girls? No. Exterminate the people who took them in the first place. Mark Steyn and Ayan Hirsi Ali have it right - the West, and especially that Western philosophy which mistakenly calls itself "feminism", has shown its utter moral vacuity and intellectual bankruptcy on this issue.Instead of doing a selfie with a hashtag, Michelle Obama should be beating her husband nightly with a rolling pin for not sending people in to deal with this shit AT ONCE. Obama once said that if he'd had a son, he might look like Trayvon Martin. If he had a teenage daughter, she might look like... Oh wait...