Monday, 16 July 2012

Question of the day:

"Is the President of the United States of America a frighteningly ignorant twit?"

Oh, really? So government deserves a share of the credit for a successful business now, does it? Just because a public road runs past it and public utilities feed water and power to it and take sewerage from it, suddenly someone else (i.e. Government) gets the credit for the thought that went into the idea for that business; the hard work that went into selling that idea to the customers; in developing the product or service that the business sells; in delivering what ongoing care or support the business gives to its products and services (and all the benefits that flow therefrom); suddenly none of that is entirely the work of the person or people who developed the idea, put up their capital (sometimes risking the rooves over their families' heads to do so), and put the effort in to develop that business?

Does all that suddenly count for nothing?

Is the man really that fucking ignorant? At a time when employment is down, misery is high and so on and so forth, does he really think this is the best time to piss in the mouth of the entrepreneurial class?

This is exactly why the United States needs someone like Mitt Romney as President. It needs someone who understands that behind the evil, chuckling Montgomery Burns stereotype beloved of quite a few Obama supporters is a corporation that pays taxes, that pays its employees' wages so they in turn can pay taxes, and it is the moneys derived from those taxes which build the roads, the sewerage, the power and the water. Ditto police, fire departments, etc. etc. and all the other services which Mr Butthurt Obambi would like to think that business takes for granted in its thriving and survival. Mr Butthurt Obambi has spent quite a bit of money in the last few years (something like $1,000,000,000,000 every year) over and above what those taxes actually bring in, so it would seem that neither the value of money nor the means by which it is made actually have meaning to him. 

The government simply cannot be everybody's employer. To do that, you need overseas territories to loot from on a grand scale - and even then, you require some sort of value-adding to the things you loot. Crude oil requires refinement; gold and silver must be traded or otherwise used; crude ores must be refined into usable metals and tradeable goods... and so on and so forth. To do that, you need entrepreneurs - men and women with ideas. Maybe Mr Butthurt Obambi sees that as a function capable of being assumed by government also. But if he does, his understanding of economics is closer to the central planning of Soviet Russia than the enthusiastic entrepreneurism of the United States. 

Even taking his US Citizenship by birth as a given, even discounting all the "birther" crap and the "Was he really born in Kenya?" stories, his attitude makes me wonder, deep down, how American he really is. Because at times he seems a lot less American than many who have emigrated there and made a success of themselves through hard work in the American entrepreneurial environment. On that basis, the USA might well induct Arnold Schwarzenegger as the first foreign-born US President, because at least he grasps at the deepest level what the American Dream is actually about. Mr Butthurt Obambi does not - indeed, the very concept seems to disturb him in some way.

I hope he is utterly crushed at the forthcoming Presidential Election, that Romney sweeps him into the corner, and that the Democrats lose both Houses for the next two terms. Let someone with experience in making money and fixing what is broken take over, because God knows, the US needs it right now. "Hope and Change" is not enough, and never was.

It makes me shudder when I see pictures of protests in which the idiots protesting hold up signs saying "Real Jobs, not WalMart Jobs" - just what the hell do these people think a real job is, anyway? It's money in exchange for labour, you fuckstains, and to some people who struggle to put food on the table, every WalMart shift they get is one less day their kids go hungry and unshod in filthy clothes, and sometimes few or none at all, for one of the signs a family is on its arse-end and sliding into disaster is the fact that a preschooler staying home with its mother and confined to the house/apartment/backyard is just old enough not to have to spend food/rent money on for diapers and still just young enough not to have to spend food/rent money on for regular changes of clothes (and the water/power costs associated with laundering them). And WalMart and McDonald's and a heap of other "big businesses" that the looney left likes to spurn might be the only places those people can get a job. 

In Australia, I don't think I've seen a McDonald's (or similar chain store) employee above forty who wasn't the owner/manager of the outlet; in geographic North America, they constitute a sizeable proportion of the front-counter staff. I expect Australia to start approaching the North American model as soon as the Labor Government has raped the economy a little longer, and I expect that ever more working-class Australian preschoolers near the poverty line will spend the day running around in unwashed clothes or none at all as the costs of power and water rise to unaffordable proportions under the Labor Government's precious "Carbon Tax" and the economy falters under its ruinous approach to "big business". And all this while the people who wax most enthusiastic about it in public make six-figure sums at the least and could absorb a 100% increase in their cost of living without so much as a blink. It makes me sick.