Friday, 6 September 2013

The Last Before The Hammer Falls.

And let us hope that it will fall on this useless waste of a Labor/Greens government.

Six years ago, the Australian Labor Party won power on the basis (or should that be pretext?) of being compassionate fiscal conservatives who cared about Australian working people.

Since then, the nation has gone from being tens of billions of dollars in the black to nearly $300,000,000,000.00 in the red. The credit card is maxed out, and would need another limit extension before the end of the year to enable things to go on the way they have been.

Government revenues have never been higher, which means that government spending has been out of control, despite Prime Minister Rudd’s statement (when in Opposition) that “this reckless spending must stop”.

We have very little concrete to show for that money. The economy has been going backwards, shops have been closing or winding back their hours and small businesses going to the wall, the definition of “employed” has become increasingly tenuous (as little as an hour a week), investment confidence has plummeted, and so on, and so on.

I encourage all to look up “Pink Batts”, “School halls” and other such ALP disasters for themselves. Not to mention border controls – over a thousand drowned, just so the ALP could differentiate itself from Howard.

And then there were the planned freedom of speech restrictions and the internet filter (the compulsory one ALP Senator Conroy wanted). The carbon tax which we “wouldn’t have under a Government I lead” (and then promptly got, while the woman who said she’d never do it smiled and hugged the man she’d betrayed to get her job). And the loyal Labor politicians (at least one an honourable man) ordered to fall on their swords to allow craven political games to be played (google “Peter Slipper as Speaker”), and the accusations of misogyny against Tony Abbott while the Labor Party sheltered - and when it could no longer shelter, continued to rely on the vote of - a man who took union money to pay for prostitutes.

Then there was the knifing of Julia Gillard for incompetence, and her replacement by the man she herself had knifed for incompetence. At least he now gets to face his electoral Gotterdammerung, after three long years.

There is so much more I cannot even begin to do it justice in the time I have available before the polls open.

Six years of this is enough. Anyone who believes the two major parties are in any way alike is a brainwashed idiot. Whatever its flaws, the Liberal/National coalition has in the past proven to be a responsible, capable government.

Labor (aided and abetted by the Greens, who must not be allowed to slither away from this without their share of the blame) is not. Its campaigning has been dishonest, negative, divisive, abusive, slanderous and libellous to the last. It has shown no vision, no coherence, no ability to get even the slightest detail right. Everything it proposes has collapsed like a house of cards, beginning with Rudd's Fringe Benefits Tax snafu and his PNG solution and going on from there. They have nothing left. They have not a clue, and in my opinion they never did.

Vote them out. Vote Libs and Nats, hard. And stay well away from the Greens, who care about the environment about as much as you or I might care about a mosquito that is biting us.

You get one last shot at this before Labor turns Australia into an economic and cultural waste-basket, so for the love of God don’t screw it up. Don't listen to the siren song of what Rudd could do for you, because in another three years the nation will be so broke he won't have the money to do anything about it. Have a look at his promises - haven't you noticed that most of them (including budget surpluses) are pitched beyond the NEXT election?

Isn't this a lot like an abusive boyfriend who keeps saying he's sorry and begs for one more chance, then treats his girl like shit once more the moment she takes him back? And they have the gall to call Abbott the misogynist. This is called projection - accusing your enemy of the things you yourself are guilty of.

You deserve better, Australia. Don't let Labor abuse your trust any longer. It's in the game for itself, not the country. It despises the nation it seeks to rule.

It just isn't the working man's party any more. It hasn't been since 1996.

Vote it out. Keep it out. It will take a responsible government a generation - at least twenty years - to repay the debt and damage these irresponsible wastrels have done. And then they will try to blame those who have done the hard work for the hard decisions that need to be made.

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN. And do not believe Labor or the Greens.

I wish Tony Abbott all the best. I do not for a minute believe a single negative word Labor or any of its enablers have said about him and his family. All those things are lies, and he is too much the Christian gentleman to take them to court for what they have said.

I hope there is a crushing LNP victory, that those in the current government facing legal action are brought to book and face their time in the dock, and that those responsible for the destruction of Australia's economic position are swept from power, never to enjoy their ride on the Gravy Train again.

God bless Australia. 

God save the Queen.

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