Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Sometimes I think the Internet needs a "smite" button.

This young lady ought to be an inspiration to a generation of girls who are mathematically inclined and who are in need of a role model who is (a) still alive and (b) not impossibly sundered from them by a generation gap (or even a several-generation gap).

I subscribed to her channel (among others) because some of my leisure-time interests required me to have a grasp of integral and differential calculus which are either not taught in, or I have forgotten since, high school, and because her teaching style is clear and easy to follow in terms of both delivery and content.

It annoys me, therefore, when I find comments left on her YouTube vids which ignore the content and primarily reference her appearance. Yes, she's an attractive, well-presented young woman; yes, any single straight man with at least half a brain who wants a partner with at least half a brain has every right to find her attractive and would be stupid not to be interested in someone like her. But guess what, folks? That's not why she's there. She's there to teach mathematics; not to be slobbered after by, and act as masturbatory material for, legions of morally and socially dysfunctional post-adolescent reprobates and certainly not to be the recipient of comments explicitly stating the commenter's desire to undress her and have sex with her.

If they want a pin-up girl, they need only go to the restricted section of the magazine rack and buy one of the many magazines that are printed for the purpose. Either that or buy a good-quality inkjet printer and make hard copies of what they find online. And if it's moving pictures which take their fancy, there are more than enough brainless young women disporting themselves disgracefully around YouTube that the intelligent ones doing their selfless best to help others could and should be left the hell alone.

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