Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Thoughts on the Wisconsin Recall Election

Only time for a brief comment right now, but all I want to say is this:

1) To say that Democrat supporters are not taking the Republican victory there very well is to understate the matter.

2) Democracy means that the other guy is allowed to win too.

3) When the other guy does win and then you drag him back to the polls a little over a year later for allegedly doing a bad job and he wins AGAIN, with an increased raw count in a voluntary voting system, it means he is almost certainly doing something right - and that YOU, on the losing side, need to take a cold, hard look at what it says about YOUR side's methods and YOUR political world-view. Merely slagging off at the winner, screaming that he should be killed, whining about the death of democracy, and other such displays of spittle-flecked rage and hair-shirt despair, prove nothing except your personal immaturity and possibly your sense of personal and political entitlement.

(This post was edited on October 1 2012, to slightly alter punctuation. No words were changed.)

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